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Halo Infinite: All 6 Reverie Spartan Audio Log Locations

Get all the Spartan Audio Logs in Reverie!

Finding Spartan Audio Logs in Halo Infinite can be difficult. The only way to find them is a beeping sound that you can hear when you are near the Audio Log. This guide will show you all the 6 Spartan Audio Logs you can get in the Reverie. 

Reverie Spartan Audio Logs Locations

The 1st Audio Log is on the northernmost part of the map, inside of the crash site. The Audio Log is on top of a crate. From here, go east until you find a Pod. Enter the Pod and you will find it contains the 2nd Audio Log. 

Head northwest of Fob Brave and climb the mountains. You will find the 3rd Audio Log next to a tree. You can find the 4th Audio Log northwest of the Excavation Site. You will see cut-down trees here and a Mjolnir Locker as well.  

Go south of the Pelican Down to find the wreckage. Go to your left and enter the Wreckage. The 5th Audio Log is near some crates. The last Audio Log is near the Foxhound Squad, on top of the rock near the mountainside. 

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