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Halo Infinite: Excavation Site All Collectibles Locations

Find all Collectibles on the Excavation Site!

The Halo Infinite shooter game has a long campaign with a huge map. There are a lot of collectibles in the game that you can get as you explore the map. Below is a guide on all the Collectibles that you can find on the Excavation Site. 

Spartan Cores

The very first Spartan Core is on top of the mountain that is in the center part of the area. It is next to a tree and some crates.

 You can find the second spartan core southeast of the first Spartan Core and enter the building. You will see the Spartan Core on the upper level. 

Mjolnir Locker and Audio Log

You can find the Mjolnir locker just below the cliff at the Mjolnir Armory which is on the western part of the mountain on the map. 

Go inside the mining structure near the second Spartan Core and use the Gravity lift. The Banished Log is across the Laser Control. 

UNSC Audio Log

From the Banished Log area, turn right and keep following the hallway until you see a second gravity lift. The UNSC Audio Log is behind the wall near the Gravity lift. 

You can find the second UNSC Log on the Northeastern part of the excavation site to the right of a destroyed truck on the road. 

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