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Halo Infinite: Warship Gbraakon Skull Location

Where Is the Skull In Warship Gbraakon

It can be said that the collection of Skull is traditionally known in the Halo Games. Specifically, Skull is a well-known collective in Halo Games. One of the Skulls you need to collect is connected to the Warship Gbraakon.

Warship Gbraakon Skull Location Halo Infinite

So where is Gbraakon Skull located? This collectible located in Warship Gbraakon can be found in the red and silver long hallway that has two levels.

Using the grappler, climb to the upper level in the middle of the hallway, and on the left side, you will see an elevator. Get on the elevator with your grappler.

Turn right and you will see the light of the Skull shining in blue color. Now all you have to do is jump on the platform in front of you where the Skull is and just collect it.

The purpose of this Scull is to double the radius of the explosion you make. Every School you find has a purpose that helps you in the game.

This Skull is pretty easy to find. Following this guide, you should have no trouble finding it.

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