Holiday Gift Baked – Destiny 2

Holiday gift baked is one of the steps involved in The Dawning quest which involves baking a gift for Commander Zavala.

Destiny 2’s The Dawning event includes giving gifts to certain NPCs in the game. You do this by crafting baked goods via Eva’s oven and giving them to various NPCs.

Moreover, it’s part of the introductory quest for this event, so you should be able to go through the process easily.

That said, after receiving the Eva’s Holiday Oven 2.1 from Eva Levante in the Tower, you’ll then be able to access it on the quest tab to unlock and create certain recipes.

One of these recipes is a requirement for the “Holiday gift baked” objective of The Dawning quest.

Holiday Gift Baked in Destiny 2

To accept the quest, you first need to talk to Eva Levante. After that, open the Quests tab to see the first step which is to bake a gift for Commander Zavala using the oven Eva gave you.

However, the game doesn’t really tell you which specific gift you should bake.

To find that out, simply interact with the oven in the Quests tab to bring its interface. Hover over to the empty slot under Recipes, and it should show you one available recipe which is the Gjallardoodles.

As an introductory quest, you don’t really need to farm its ingredients to make it. The game will just provide you with the ingredients, and all you need to do is craft it by holding down your left mouse button.

After that, simply proceed to Commander Zavala and give him the gift to complete the objective and proceed to the remaining steps.

At the same time, you will receive several rewards including Dawning Spirit currency, a weapon, some glimmer, and another gift.

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