How to Get Vex Milk – Destiny 2

Vex Milk is one of the many ingredients in Destiny 2’s The Dawning event which you can get by hunting Vex.

The return of The Dawning event in Destiny 2 means that players will have lots of activities to look forward to. One of these activities includes baking various treats which you can then give to certain NPCs in exchange for some exclusive rewards.

But in order to make them, you need to unlock recipes first by combining certain ingredients.

One of these ingredients is Vex Milk which you can use for recipes like the Infinite Forest Cake, Telemetry Tapioca, and Lavender Ribbon Cookies. How exactly do you get Vex Milk by the way?

Let’s find out.

How to Get Vex Milk in Destiny 2

Credits: WoW Quests

As the name implies, you can only get Vex Milk from the Vex which are these cyber-organic species that you see roaming in the cosmos.

However, if you want to find the highest concentration of Vex in the game, your best option is to visit Nessus where you can find lots of them.

A lot of them are located in various Lost Sectors throughout the planet, though you can also find some patrolling nearby these sectors. Simply head over to those Lost Sectors, eliminate every Vex you encounter, and that should net you a lot of Vex Milk.

Unlike other ingredients, you don’t really need to use a specific weapon or item to farm Vex Milk.

However, if you want to farm other ingredients as well, such as Perfect Taste or Delicious Explosion, then you should use the right weapon as well. This way, you can farm those ingredients as well as Vex Milk in one go.

What to Do with Vex Milk

Once you have enough Vex Milk, all you need to do is combine it with certain ingredients to unlock certain recipes. As of now, only the three mentioned earlier are the recipes you can unlock that require Vex Milk as its ingredients.

For the Infinite Forest Cake, you need to combine Vex Milk with Impossible Heat. For Telemetry Tapioca, you need to combine it with Bullet Spray.

Finally, for Lavender Ribbon Cookies, you need to combine Vex Milk with Personal Touch.


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