Honkai Star Rail: Top Stamina Farms For Level 50-60 Trailblaze Progression

Maximize your staminas until endgame.

Honkai Star Rail Stamina Farms Traiblaze Level 50-60
Honkai Star Rail Stamina Farms Traiblaze Level 50-60

The progression curve in Honkai: Star Rail is like a steep slope. The start feels exciting as you get to know the mechanics of the game and enjoy the storyline and you’ll probably at around Trailblaze level 20 or over at least. But if you’re over level 50 now, you’re feeling what the majority of players are feeling, which is getting stuck in Trailblaze grinding hell.

Here’s how to make full use of the stamina until you reach the next Equilibrium. There are certain Calyxes that aren’t worth being invested in, so which one should you grind on? And is it worth spending all your Fuels on grinding for levels?

Top Stamina Farms For Level 50-60 Trailblaze

TL;DR, your top three priorities at Equilibrium IV in order are: Stagnant Shadows (Ascension Materials), Crimson Calyxes (Traces), and Golden Calyxes (EXPs and Credits as needed). Let’s talk about why in this order.

Honkai Star Rail: Stamina Farms For Level 50-60 Trailblaze

Your very first priority is ascending and leveling up your main characters. Leveling them up to 70 will give you a major increase in basic stats. However, you cannot afford to level up everyone – limit yourself to your main 2-3 characters to 70. So depending on how many books or ascension materials, that’s where you should focus on.

Along with the levels are the Traces. You’ve probably noticed this before reaching Trailblaze Level 50, but the cost goes up steeply as you get further in the game. Unless you’re a whale, you will notice just how resource-intensed some of the traces can be.

This is where resource management is very, very crucial. Every single skill that you need to level up will cost you a hefty amount of credits and materials. They cost 80k credits at level 8, multiply that by 3 for every character, and you have at least 3 main characters you build. That is almost 750k credits just for their Traces alone.

You will want to focus unlocking the bonus stats that increases damage on your DPS. Then their Skill, Ultimate, or Talent depending on the character. But for characters like Tingyun, you want to focus on her Ultimate or Skill only. And for characters like Gepard or March 7th, their bonus stats count more as their skill scales on those stats.

What About Light Cones?

Personally, I’d leave the light cones as the last thing to level up. Light cones’ passive remain the same even if you level them up to the max, so you don’t necessarily lose out on them. Not to mention how you’re probably rotating around light cones because they can be situational.

Should You Grind For Relics At Trailblaze Level 50-60?

Relic grinding is the equivalent of artifact grinding hell in Genshin Impact. You need to invest in relics sooner or later because they play a huge role in building your characters. And this is about the right level where you start focusing on grinding for them. You have two routes to go with this grinding: the Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Drifting or any cavern with suitable element for your DPS.

Honkai Star Rail: Stamina Farms For Level 50-60 Trailblaze

The Path of Drifting drops you the Musketeer of Wild Wheat and Passerby of Wandering Cloud. They’re both generally useful for all types of DPS, Support, and Healer-type characters. The Musketeer give you a 12% ATK increase with 2-piece, which is great for any DPS. At 4-piece, you get 6% extra SPD.

But if you’re feeling lucky and you really, really want to maximize your characters, you can always try your luck. Going for 2-piece Musketeer and 2-piece of their respective elements will still work well. Getting the right main and substats, however, will be a real challenge. Especially when you only need one type of relics and not the other.

Prepare For The Equilibrium V (Level 60-70)

You now have about 3 characters that you’re happy with. With extra resources that you have, you can slowly level up other of your main characters that you will use for the Memory of Chaos or Simulated Universe. But remember that it’s also time for you to prepare for the next Equilibrium.

If you notice, the Golden Calyxes have reached their highest difficulty and reward, which makes Trailblaze Level 50-60 the most efficient to farm on these Calyxes. But for Crimson Calyxes, they drop even better loot when you reach the next Equilibrium.

Honkai Star Rail: Stamina Farms For Level 50-60 Trailblaze

So your farming strategy changes as you get closer to the next Equilibrium. You grind for Trace materials and Relics so that when the cap is lifted, you can immediately grind for the Ascension Materials, which are now unlocked at high difficulties. Then you can unlock the next branch in the Traces that are absolutely game-changing.

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