How to Get Slingbow Ammo in Nightingale

Stop whacking the Bound and start shooting them with this primitive ranged weapon!

Nightingale starts you off with some very primitive stone weapons, as is tradition in the open world survival genre. Eventually, you will get your first ranged weapon, which is the Simple Slingbow. In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to craft the ammo needed to actually use it!

How to Get Slingbow Ammo

Once you reach your very first Abeyance realm as a part of the tutorial series of quests, you will encounter an Essence trader that will sell you recipes for various Workbenches and the Slingbow itself.

After crafting a Simple Slingbow, the ammo needed to use it can be found in the Simple Workbench, which you will already have at this point.

Nightingale simple workbench interface with the simple rock marble selected

The item you are looking for is called the “Simple Rock Marble”, and you can craft a stack of 20 with just 6 rocks. You’ll essentially never run out of ammo for it, since you can find rocks pretty much anywhere.

Once you have collected your marbles from the workbench, whip out your slingbow and press R to load it up. And that is pretty much it, you’re now ready to start shooting things from a distance!

While you’re here, check out our guide on how to apply infusions to uncommon items, since that will be the next step in your journey if you have just gotten your first slingbow!


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