How To Get To The Repair Bay In Ransom Keep In Halo Infinite

Sabotage the Repair Bays in Ransom Keep!

One of the missions in Ransom Keep is to Sabotage the 2 Repair Bays in the area. You may be wondering how you can get to Repair Bay in Ransom Keep. This guide will show you how to get to the Repair Bay in Ransom Keep to sabotage them. 

How to Get to The Repair Bay

In the middle of Ransom Keep, you need to go inside the building near the tanks. At the entrance you will see a yellow barrier, preventing you from going further. What you need to do is to look up the upper level of the building. 

You will see a Power Cell here that you need to shoot with your gun. After destroying the Power Cell, the barrier will disappear and you can get to the repair bay. You can also see the connection between the barrier and the power cell when you use your Scan ability. 

How to Sabotage the Repair Bay

You can also use tanks to navigate the area and defeat enemies. After getting into the room, you can interact with the repair bay to sabotage it and complete the mission.

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