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Tired of the game? Change it up a bit.

Despite all odds modding has become a big thing in the Resident Evil franchise. And since Resident Evil Village demo was released to the public way before the whole game, modders quickly came to grips with, well, developing mods. Today, there is a huge variety of mods to choose from, and if that is your forte, follow along as we show you how to install mods to Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village: How to Install Mods

Using mods and installing them to REV is very simple, compared to other games. Players can simply use a mod manager which injects the mod to the game.

Let’s kick this off.

Download Mod Manager

The first thing you need to do is download the official mod manager for Resident Evil Village. Download the build which has support for RE8. After that, extract it in a folder.

Run the ModManager executable file as an administrator, and choose Resident Evil Village as the game, then close out of the manager.

Download a Mod

Find a mod that you fancy, on the Resident Evil modding forums. Download the mod, and it should come in a zipped file.

Install Mod

Grab that zipped file, and then place it in the mod manager’s folder, but more specifically in: Games > RE8 > Mods.

Launch the mod manager again, and then activate the mod with the switch. Press launch the game, and check whether the mod is injected to the game.

There might be some differences in the methods of installing mods depending on the type or size of mod. Use the forums to guide you through the process, since most mods come with complete installation guides.

The game must be launched through the mod manager in order to play the installed mods. Otherwise, the game will launch without any mods installed.

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