Is Escape From Tarkov Available On Xbox

EFT was going to be cross-platform, and all that jazz… But is it?

You must have heard about this very advertised game that has taken the survival, shooter community by storm. And since we know the console community in shooter games is huge, you might be wondering if they will make it cross platform. Will be be for the Xbox? Will it be for the PS? Will we be able to join our friends in this very gruesome and tiring (in a good way) game to get out of this crazy and intense town called Tarkov? Read on to find out!

Escape From Tarkov – Is It Available On Xbox?

Will it be possible to join your friends cross platform?

The hype for this game has been quite big lately and it is getting a lot of traction. Since the game has been in development for a long time and it might still be, it is very improbable that it will be ported to other platforms.

The development of the game has been a bit rocky and besides many trailers that came out, the game seems to ambitious at this point and, to do more than this, seems too much for the team.

But, again, how hard would it be to make a version for the Xbox? Is it more because the Xbox has started to slowly die and the market is not as big as it was back in the day?

Well, let’s tell it how it is. At the moment, there is NO Xbox version that will be coming out. The game will be PC exclusive, unfortunately.

They have said though that they will look into it when the game comes out, so maybe there will be a chance that out console brothers will get a chance to experiment this hardcore shooter game.

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