Is Escape From Tarkov Free?

Soo, after a couple of years of beta, is this game free or not? Find out below.

If you have heard about Escape From Tarkov before, you must have seen the popular Raid videos the developers shared on social media. The first video making over 5 million views, the game has been making an impression on many gamers around the world who are wondering what this combination between battle royale, normal multiplayer shooter and the survival genre has to offer. People have been getting very exited since the open beta came out in 2017. But now, many are questioning if the game will be free or not? Will this be the new Warzone? We’ll see.

Escape From Tarkov – Is It FREE?

Will it give you a chance to experience it for free? The game has been in development for a very long time and we shouldn’t be shocked if we did have to purchase it.

But gamers hope that this will be the new Warzone or Apex Legends and that it will give us a chance to try this new generation of shooters without bumping into a paywall.

They showed every bit of information to make it seem like one of those titans of the shooting genre, so you wouldn’t be wrong to assume it might be free.

And, since I’m not sadistic, I will stop waffling and give it to you straight. The game will NOT be free. It will be around 30-40 bucks and will have special editions that will cost even more.

Disappointing, indeed. After so many years in development and flimsy gameplay snippets, we can’t be sure this is going to be the masterpiece it’s being advertised to be.

Let’s just pray that we don’t have another Cyberpunk 2077 on our hands and that they will take all the necessary time to finish developing it.

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