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Siege Survival: Gloria Victis – How To Recruit Mikel

Basically, Mikel is a double-decker. He’s got a lot of carrying capacity, which makes him a great addition to the team!

You like Flint, right? Big carrying capacity, doesn’t have any downsides to him… yeah, Flint is nothing compared to Mikel. Mikel is basically Flint on steroids. He is an amazing companion that will carry the whole town on his back, maybe that’s why his nickname is Strong Back. If you just want to recruit him for his amazing skills or to get the “Catch Em All” achievement, this guide will show you how easy you can get this total powerhouse of a recruit and start showing the invaders how you run your town.

How To Recruit Mikel – Siege Survival: Gloria Victis

If you haven’t made it to Cheapside yet, don’t forget to bring an extra shovel or torch to advance from the Marketplace.

Here is how you recruit Mikel, Strong Back:

  1. Travel to the Low Town at night, where the player is located on the map below.

  2. There is a fire sign in front of the event. Click on it and burn the corpses with a torch you brought.

  3. After you’ve burned what’s in the way, click on the”!” event to start the recruitment.

  4. Once the event pops up, choose the “Investigate the stables” option.

  5. You’ll stumble into a leg here. Just “Help the stranger”.

  6. A horse and a man are injured. Spoiler: the man is Mikel. “Finish the suffering animal first”. Sad.

  7. After this you’ve saved Mikel, just click the “Agree” and you’ve got him.

Now, Mikel is part of the crew and you’re ready to continue your night. As I said before, Mikel is upgraded Flint, so you might start using him to scavenge everything.

With his incredible 11 backpack capacity and quick scavenging skills, Mikel is gonna be a huge bonus for your squad. You wanna know what’s even better? No downsides.

So go out there with him and start carrying the whole town back to the castle, while avoiding the friendly patrols, and start showing the invaders that you rule this city.

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