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Lost Ark: All Mokoko Locations in Prideholme

Get those Mokoko Seed Points!

There are numerous hidden items in the world of Lost Ark. One of them includes Mokoko Seeds. Collecting Mokoko Seeds can give you Mokoko Seed points that can give you different items such as Potions and Cards. The rarity of the item you get varies, but collecting the seeds definitely does not hurt!

Prideholme Cathedral

There are two Mokoko seeds in this location. Go inside the cathedral and walk all the way to the front aisle of wooden chairs. Go to the left part of the church and walk until you are out of the map and walking on the dark areas of the map. You will see 2 Makoko seeds in this hidden area. 

Plaza Bulletin Makoko Location

Just outside the Cathedral to the right, you will see a huge tree. Look at its roots and you will see the 3rd Makoko seed in Prideholme. Now go all the way to the right, near the tavern. You will see the 4th Makoko seed on the ground next to the Plaza Bulletin Board.

Central Plaza

From the tavern, go to the central plaza where you will see a stone statue of a lion. You can see the 5th Makoko Seed here. Go all the way to the left until you see a tree next to a stone staircase. The 6th Makoko Seed is planted on the ground. 

South of Prideholme

Go southeast from the 6th Makoko seed until you reach another stone staircase. Go down and you will see a house next to it. The 7th seed is planted hidden in the garden of the house. The 8th seed is all the way to the south of Prideholme, near the wooden cart on the left. From here, just go to the right part of the farm and you will see the last Makoko seed next to the scarecrow. 

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