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Lost Ark: Aquilok’s Head All Mokoko Seeds and Rare Monster Locations

Defeat all these rare monsters!

The Aquilok’s head is a dangerous dungeon area that you can enter to defeat powerful enemies and get various items. This guide will show you all the Mokoko Seeds you can find in this area as well as the Rare monsters you can defeat for your monster book. 

Rare Monsters

Below is the list of the Rare Monsters you can encounter in Aquilok’s Head:

  • Plague Pest Swarm Boss– The first rare monster you will encounter is located on the southern fork near the entrance of the dungeon. 
  • Old Mera Snake – You can find this boss near the southern part of the dungeon. You can find it in an area filled with Mucus and Spores.
  • Stinking Plague Keeper – You can find the Stinking Plague Keeper on the northernmost part of Aquilok’s head. 

Mokoko Seed Locations

Here’s a map of all of the mokoko seed locations on Aquilok’s Head with an explanation following on how to get each one below:

Source: Lost Ark Codex
  • 1st and 2nd Mokoko Seed– You can find the 1st and 2nd Mokoko Seed in the same area where you found the Plague Pest Swarm Boss. There is a hidden path that you can enter by walking past the stone rocks on the end of the road. 
  • 3rd Seed– You can find the 3rd Seed on the southernmost area of the dungeon, near the area where you fought the Old Mera Snake. It is right next to broken wooden crates.
  • 4th Seed– The 4th seed is located in the middle of the dungeon where the two pathways meet. You will find a hidden path covered by stones in this area.
  • 5th Seed– You can find the 5th seed south of the 4th seed. It is located next to a stone with mucus. 
  • 6th Seed-You can find the last Mokoko seed on the northern part of the map. It is located in between 3 Mucus Sacs. 

499-Year-Old Wine

You will also find a local specialty ingredient in this area. The 499 Old Wine is located in the southernmost part of Aquilok’s head. After collecting the wine, you should wait for 2 hours before drinking to make it into a 500-Year-Old Wine. 

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