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Lost Ark: Ritual Food Ingredient Location |Crafting Guide

Craft the Rainmaking Ritual Food!

As you continue your adventure in the Lost Ark, you will meet characters and people who have various beliefs. One of the group of people you will meet in the game are the Nomads. They are known for their rainmaking rituals. 

Rainmaking Ritual Food

The Rainmaking Ritual Food is the stew that uses all the ingredients offered in the rainmaking rituals. This dish is a local specialty of the Nomads and you will need to have a good reputation with them to unlock the ingredient needed for the dish. 

You can get the ingredient for the Rainmaking Ritual Food by increasing your reputation level with Thunder, the NPC.

How to get Ritual Food

To unlock the cuisine, you will need the Ritual Food Ingredient, You can only get this ingredient by reaching the maximum reputation with the NPC called Thunder in the Nomad Camp. You can find this NPC next to a tent. 

You need to reach the trusted level with Thunder. She will give you the Ritual Food Ingredient as a rank reward. Go back to Hella after getting the ingredient to craft the Rainmaking Ritual Food. 

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