Lost Ark: August Gold Islands Calendar

They have schedules now?

Lost Ark August Gold Islands Calendar

In MMORPGs you would think that the king of the games are the ones that are on the top. The world first raiders, or the highest ranking PVP players, or the most fashionable player there are. You would be wrong, because in every MMO the king is gold. Gold is what makes the game go around, or whatever the game’s primary currency is called. Players will need currency for anything as much as skill or levels. That’s why people focus on making gold as much as possible, because nobody wants to stop their progression just because they don’t have enough pocket change. We don’t want real life in our games, so everyone wants to be a millionaire in them. In this guide, we’ll show you a neat little calendar for your gold needs – August Gold Islands Calendar.

August Gold Islands Calendar In Lost Ark

In Lost Ark there are these things called Gold Islands. These are islands that promise you gold if you finish certain activities on them. People are always a lookout for these islands because everybody wants more gold, and can often lead to people wondering where or when the next gold island is.

These islands appear at random points in the month, and most players scramble to go there when they do appear, often caught unaware and in need to drop whatever they’re doing. Don’t be that player, be ready for these gold islands. A reddit user by the name of Bluewerry has made a neat little list on when and where these gold islands are for this month.

Source: Reddit Post

Through what can we assume can only be dark magicks, or maybe just good information gathering but that sounds boring compared the former, they have a list for all the players to get ready.

Congratulations you now know when and where the gold islands will pop out. Now get ready because it’s going to be a long month of gold making!

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