Lost Ark: Classes Ranked Based On Popularity

Picking based on popularity!

Lost Ark Classes Ranked Based On Popularity

MMORPGs can have a lot of classes or jobs the player can be quite confusing for the new player. Although we know that based on statistics players tend to gravitate to DPS roles rather than healer or tank roles. That’s why there’s usually a shortage of tanks in MMORPGs as well, it’s because not a lot of people think tanks are fun. DPS classes are usually the star of the show, despite tanks and healers being there just for them to function. In this article, we’ll show you the most popular classes ranked based on popularity in Lost Ark.

Classes Ranked Based On Popularity In Lost Ark

Some players choose their classes because they have a role to fill in mind, like tanks, healers or DPS. Some of them pick their classes based on their looks or what cool spells or skill they can do. Other player picks their class for the stats, like which can be highest damage dealer or the tankiest class out there. Then there are some players who just choose because it’s the most popular class, if you’re one of those players then this is the article for you.

A Reddit user by the name of Drybear has made a nice and concise list on what are the most popular classes in Lost Ark. You would think that the most popular ones are the classes that big streamers like Asmongold like to pick, for example the Berserker. You would be wrong, because the most popular is still the Sorceress.

Source: Reddit Post

Maybe it’s because of her cool spells or armor, or maybe because the players just like how she looks. Whatever the case may be, the sorceress still reigns supreme for a long time in Lost Ark, being the only class that reaches double digits in percentage.

As you can see there’s not a lot of support classes out there, which is sad but it is the natural state of MMORPGs. People tend to go for damage dealers instead of tanks or healers. If you find this article list interesting then check more from Drybear here: Drybear (u/Drybear) – Reddit

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