Lost Ark: Bracelet Guide

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Lost Ark Bracelet Guide

Content can sometimes not be available for all versions of the same game. In most cases, the Asian versions of games such as MMOs or Gacha mobile games will usually receive the content first, before being released internationally. Case in point, Final Fantasy Opera Omnia. A mobile game that Asian servers have the most advantage due to the fact that they receive new content first. It’s not a bad thing, but it does happen, and Lost Ark has received new content ahead of its international counterparts. What is it you may ask? Well, follow this Bracelet guide and we’ll show you.

Bracelet Guide – Lost Ark

The new piece of content that is currently not available internationally is the Bracelet accessory. If you are playing in the Western servers, then you are not going to be able to get this neat little piece of jewelry, as it is only available for Asian servers.

But what is the Bracelet? What can it do? Well, the Bracelet is a new accessory that you can collect that will help strengthen your characters’ damage, health, or defense. It depends on what the stats of the Bracelet offers. You can find it between the Ring and Stone accessories.

So how can you collect the new accessories? There are two ways. One being by completing the Brelshaza Legion Raid on normal. Of course, for those who aren’t playing on Asian servers, you will have to wait for the raid to drop in other servers.

Another way to get a bracelet is by reaching a gear score of 1490. You will then get access to the Relic Bracelet. You can get bracelets by going into Chaos Dungeons starting at 1490, and also by doing Guardian Raid at 1490 as well. There is also the Weekend PvP event island. Either Medeia or Slime Island will do.

If you have the Relic Bracelet, then you can either keep it or sell it on the marketplace. Yes, it is tradable. And yes, you can even buy one in the marketplace if you don’t want to go through the normal way of acquiring a Relic Bracelet. Bear in mind that the more options you have (i.e., the perks you can get when you acquire it), the more valuable it is. Maximum perk slots are 4, with 2 being fixed and 2 being changeable. So, if you have a 4 slot Relic Bracelet, then it is very valuable.

Speaking of changeable perks, you can change (or roll) the perks to a merchant in the city. Once you see the menu, you should see three tabs at the bottom. The first one, being the left one, will let you roll the perks by using Silver. If you see a perk that you would like to keep when rolling, you can click on the lock icon to keep it. And the other perks that aren’t locked will be rolled.

In the second tab, you can get a bracelet with random perk slots and perks as well if you have enough materials. You can get materials for bracelets by either dismantling the ones you have, or by getting them as you play the game. You will need to have 35 materials for both Relic and Ancient Bracelets.

Lastly, the third tab allows you to upgrade your Relic Bracelet to an Ancient Bracelet. This feature is only available if you have successfully completed Brelshaza Hard Mode at Gear Score 1540. Once you do, you will then get the materials you need to upgrade the bracelet. Although not enough to get a free upgrade. You will still have to run through a couple of times in order to get an upgrade.

That’s pretty much it for the new Bracelet accessory. It is still fairly new, so there’s not much to talk about it and it is rather simple. But it does open the door for new build possibilities for characters.  If you’re interested in the bracelet, then you can wait for it to come in when the update for it releases internationally. For now, you can just focus on getting your character to Gear Score 1490 to get a head start.

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