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Lost Ark: Corpse Spider Boss Location | Boss Guide

Itsy Bitsy Spider?

Spiders are generally harmless creatures that you can find in the Lost Ark. However, the Corpse Spider Boss is definitely not a spider you want to mess with. This huge spider boss can heavily damage your character if you are not careful.

Corpse Spider Boss Location

You can find the Corpse Spider Boss in the Rethramis Border area in the Rethramis region. The Spider is on the road next to the Monastery Orchards. Thankfully, the Spider boss is usually alone in the area. 

How to Defeat Corpse Spider

The Corpse Spider Boss is immune to Push and is an insect type of creature. The spider can move relatively quickly and chase you down but it does not have a lot of health compared to other bosses. 

  • Have someone else lure the monster while you attack the monster from behind if possible. 
  • Unleash quick and powerful attacks quickly while being wary of the monster’s attacks.
  • Dodge quickly when you see the spider raise both of its claws because this attack can deal heavy damage to your character. 

Long-range characters or classes that can unleash quick and powerful burst attacks work well for this boss.

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