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Lost Ark: Hardshelled Saltbug Location | Boss Guide

Crack the shell of this bug!

The Hardshelled Saltbug is a mini-boss that you can encounter in the Yudia region. This boss does not have a lot of HP but it can overwhelm your character because they attack in groups. This guide will show you how to defeat the Hardshelled Saltbug in Lost Ark. 

Hard-shelled Saltbug Location

The Hard-shelled Saltbug can be found in the middle of the Aregal Salt Plains. This boss will be surrounded by other saltbug enemies which can overwhelm your character. AoE spells and skills are powerful against this boss. 

How to defeat Hardshelled Saltbug

This boss does not have a lot of health compared to other bosses in the game. However, the Hardshelled Saltbug is surrounded by other enemies in the area, and this can easily overwhelm your character if you are not prepared.

  • Use crowd control skills to stop incoming enemies from surrounding you. 
  • AoE skills can easily dispose of the herd of enemies with the Hardshelled Saltbug. 
  • Lure the boss and enemies into a secluded spot to avoid getting the aggro off other enemies. 

Use your AoE skills after luring them all in one location so you can take out as many enemies as possible and then focus your powerful skills on the boss afterward. 

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