Lost Ark: Destroyer PVE Guide & Cheat Sheet

What is the best way of taking on lots of NPCs as the Destroyer?

People have been wondering and asking about a clear and straight-to-the-point guide about the Destroyer for PVE situations. This here guide working with the help of Reddit users that have played through the game thoroughly will be helping you with that. Let’s get started.

Destroyer PVE Guide & Cheat Sheet – Lost Ark

In this here picture you can clearly see a table made for Chaos/Bude Build, and Raid Build which are best for how you want to create your characters for taking on tons of NPCs. Other than that here are the Engravings that will give you an extra edge over them. There is an Optional little help on the bottom right.

Source: Freshy_GG

For opening this picture to zoom in and see it clearly, you can use this link.

A couple of tips to help along the way that are not included in the picture:

  • On a destroyer character, some tests have been done in the training room and it’s WAY cheaper and more efficient damage-wise to get 3×3 with non-class engravings and level up your rage hammer to level 2 (you lose 3% crit chance and 15% crit damage, but pretty much any other engraving taken from level 1/2 to level 3 will give you more damage).
  • While master brawler looks to do more overall damage, I believe the cursed doll is really superior, despite the disadvantage; you may try, but rng/mechanics will always make it difficult on head attacks, and cursed doll always provides you the added damage.
  • The animation cancel after seismic hammer into enduring pain is a good trick that is shown in the video but not explained; if you spam dodge immediately after seismic hammer and press endure pain at the same time, you cancel the seismic hammer animation (but the attack still happens because the ground was slammed) and you cancel the dodge animation by casting endure pain, which forces the boss to face you, which will happen BEFORE seismic hammer hits; that will happen BEFORE seismic hammer hits

An enormous thank you to freshy_gg on Reddit for going way and beyond and combining all of these instructions on how to build a better Destroyer. This picture is made by Freshy himself and you can also find him on YouTube. He has this explained through an 8-minute video too.

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