Lost Ark: Guide To All Quality Of Life Improvement Settings

How to make things easier in Lost Ark!

Lost Ark is a game that requires you to keep control of a lot of stuff while playing. Some users have gone beyond their way to provide the best ways of making things easier. Here we will discuss some of them.

Guide To All Quality Of Life Improvement Settings – Lost Ark

Dungeon Button Integrated

This allows you to queue for Chaos/Abyss/Guardian, for example, without having to interact with the statues, ANYWHERE YOU WISH. You must configure the shortcut beneath the minimap for each character.

Source: divinebaboon

Remove a shortcut that you don’t use, such as Proving Grounds, and then add the Integrated Dungeon by clicking on the three lines at the bottom right of the mini map.

Source: divinebaboon

Once added, click on it and select “Shortcut,” which will lead you to the window where you may enter each piece of material. You may also reach the menu by pressing Alt + Q.

Front and back assault detection (turned on automatically)

This image depicts the front and rear of a boss.

Gameplay Settings->Controls and Display

Source: divinebaboon

You may also turn on only the front or just the rear, and alter the hue to anything you like.

Integrated Preset Additional Settings

Use Alt + E to get access.

Source: divinebaboon

This update adds a pet to the setup as well as the option to utilize Tripods you saved up at the NPC without having to transfer them to your gear. This allows you to have separate tripod settings for different materials, such as one for Chaos (lol) and one for Valtan. This is how it works. At the Tripod NPC, on the Inventory tab, you have two free pages of tripod storage (you may pay crystal to unlock more), and you can choose which page to use in the preset, and those saved up tripods will temporarily override whatever is already on your gear. The keyword is transitory since your gear still has the original tripod effects on it outside of the preset.

Simplified Loot popup

This option cleans up the loot drop display so that it doesn’t take up too much screen space.

Settings->Gameplay->Controls and Display

“Right align notifications” repositions all popups to the right side of the screen:

Source: divinebaboon

“Simplify Notifications” shrinks them.

Task Tracker

This displays the Una/Chaos/Guardian/etc tasks that each person has performed. You may get to it by hitting ESC and then clicking “Switch Character.”

Source: divinebaboon

Each character has their own settings, so if you don’t do Guardians on your alts, you may simply ignore them.

Source: divinebaboon

Auto Dismantle Settings

You may now deconstruct gear if it lacks the stats or inscriptions you desire. The setting may be found in the lower-left corner of your inventory. Be aware that if you mess up the settings, your inventory will be destroyed. Inventory is now added as well.

Source: divinebaboon

You can opt NOT to dismantle a piece of gear if it contains one or more engraving effects that you want by checking the box “Exclude Engraving in Favorites.”

You can also check out:

  • Task Tracker
  • Favorite Mounts
  • Skill Tree Alert
  • Stronghold Auto Farm
  • Text Macro For Skills
  • Abyss Gold Lock

A big thank you to u/divinebaboon from Reddit. You can check out his Reddit post on this link to see more information about the last listed suggestions. All credits go to him.

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