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Lost Ark: Stinging Wallou Cactus Location | Boss Guide

What a powerful sting!

There is a powerful Cactus roaming around the Saland Hill area. The Stinging Wallou Cactus is a powerful boss that can continuously damage your character. Below is the location of this powerful boss and how to defeat it. 

Stinging Wallou Cactus Location

You can find the Stinging Wallou Cactus in the Saland Hill Area. The location of the boss is near the entrance to the Submerged Ruins dungeon as indicated in the photo above.  

How to defeat the Stinging Wallou Cactus

The Stinging Wallou Cactus has different color compared to other cactus enemies in Saland Hill. This boss has a greenish color with some flora on its body. Below are some tips on how to defeat the Stinging Wallou Cactus.

  • The Swing attack of the Cactus can hit you twice, damaging you two times so be sure to evade it.
  • All the attacks of the Stinging Wallou Cactus have a windup, allowing you to dodge before getting hit. 
  • Be sure to evade the continuous cactus spikes attack because this can deal a lot of damage to your character. 

The weak point of the Stinging Wallou Cactus is its back, so be sure to position yourself behind the cactus. 

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