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Lost Ark: Nasty Plague Pest | Boss Guide

Take out the Nasty Plague Pest!

The Rethramis Border is guarded by Border Guards, but that does not mean that you will not encounter any harmful enemies. The Nasty Plague Pest is one of the rare monsters that you can find in the Rethramis Border. 

Nasty Plague Pest Location

You can find the Nasty Plague Pest in the Rethramis Border area, south of the Regria Monastery. Start from the Regria Monastery and exit the area from the left side. You will find a passage going south, this is where the Nasty Plague Pest resides. 

How to Defeat Nasty Plague Pest

You will find a soldier or Border Guard fighting the Nasty Plague Pest. Other insect enemies surround the Nasty Plague Pest as well. The Nasty Plague Pest only has above 2000 Health but it has multiple allied pests surrounding him. 

  • An AoE skill can easily take out the other enemies surrounding it. 
  • Try to avoid luring other enemies in the area.
  • You may spot the Nasty Plague Pest alone just after exiting the Border from the Monastery, making it easier to defeat. 
  • Use burst attacks to instantly defeat the Nasty Plague Pest enemy.

Defeating the Nasty Plague Pest in the Regria Monastery area will unlock the Monster in your Monster Log Book. 

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