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Lost Ark: Korumba’s Cat Location | Hidden Story Guide

Get to know the little kitty!

Korumba is an NPC that you can find in Rethramis, Prideholme. While there is not a lot of information about Korumba, you notice that there is a gentle cat who loves Wheat Leaves sitting on Korumba’s shoulder. How come the two are so close? Find out the hidden story about Korumba’s cat by following the guide below. 

Korumba’s Cat

When you hover towards the Hidden Story Menu, you will find one unlockable story about Korumba’s Cat. It says that the cat’s name is Nerro and is currently living in Prideholme. The cat loves rubbing Wheat Leaves off its nose. Korumba says that the story in between them is a closely guarded secret. 

Where to Find Korumba’s Cat

In Prideholme, go to the southernmost part of the map and turn to the left. You will see a house here with a wooden cart and hay. Go to the bushes near the cart and investigate to unlock the hidden story of Korumba’s Cat. 

You will get a Prompt that says Korumba’s Cat. After unlocking the location of Korumba’s Cat, you can find the updated Hidden Story about Korumba’s brother in the Hidden Story Menu. 

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