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Manor Lords, a newly released video game that was out April 24th, 2024, is loved for its authenticity and intricate historical details in authentic building designs, workplaces, and even fashion. If you’ve already started playing, you’re going to want more treasury to help get things done around your land. This guide will tell you everything you need to know. 

How To Increase Treasury

Your Treasury in Manor Lords is used for hiring Mercenaries and Retinue. Mercenaries are temporary forces that you can control, as long as you keep up their payments. Your Retinue is a group of professional soldiers that you train when you build your first Manor.

Without utilizing the Treasury to bolster your armies with Mercenaries and Retinue, you may find it difficult to repel raider invasions during your playthrough. To increase Treasury, you need to do either of these two things:

  1. Increase Taxes
  2. Raid a bandit Camp

Now, I’ll show you the details of how to achieve these tasks. 

Increase Taxes

To increase taxes, you have to first ensure that you have a manor by building one. 

Manor in Manor Lords

However, to have the option to build a Manor and collect Taxes from citizens, you’ll need to first reach the Small Village status. Become a Small Village by acquiring 5 Burgage Plots and have all homeless citizens move into them.

Small village Status in Manor Lords

Next up, building a manor is simple. Go over to the game’s taskbar at the bottom and click on the Tool to see a list of items to build. 

Building in Manor Lords

Then go to the icon that looks like a castle and one of the options in that window should be a manor. That’s where you go to build it.

Building a manor in Manor Lords

Once you finish building your manor, click on it and a small window will show up. It will show the general description of the Manor. Click on taxes and you’ll see a list of Taxes you can impose with only two of them available for the early access version of Manor Lords.

Setting taxes in Manor Lords

The two taxable options are Land Tax and Tithe. Tithe will simply increase influence but Land Tax is what you need to raise for an increased Treasury Stockpile. 

Let’s jump to the second method for increasing treasury.

Raiding Bandit Camps

You can also increase your Treasury by clearing bandit camps. So, look around the map and find a bandit camp. Then, you can hire mercenaries to go ahead and clear the bandit camp for you. 

Hiring mercenaries in Manor Lords

You can go ahead and hire the cheapest or weakest mercenary because the bandits camps are easy to take out and do not require too much brute force for it. Even sending citizens should do the job just as well. 

Spoils of war in Manor Lords

Once you’ve taken down one of their camps, you should see a Spoils of War screen where you can then choose to either increase your Regional Wealth or Treasury. So that’s the second method to increase your treasure.

Some Additional Advice

  • Remember that taxes will take a portion of your Regional Wealth, so balance it accordingly. 
  • Setting a Tax will also lower your Approval, so put more focus on ensuring your citizens’ needs are being met and that your Approval is above 50%. (If approval rating goes below that percent, your population will no longer increase). 
  • You can only use Taxes to gain Treasury if you have Regional Wealth to convert. You will not generate any if you are not earning Regional Wealth regularly. Exporting goods via the Trading Post for your village should help to generate that needed Regional Wealth.
Trading post in Manor Lords

That’s about it! If we missed anything, you could let us know in the comments. You might also want to increase your livestock in Manor Lords, and we’ve got just the thing for you. Check out this guide on Manor Lords: How To Get Livestock (Sheep, Cows & Horses)!


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