Manor Lords: How To Make Army & Form Militia

Build your army, protect your village, and conquer more!

In a game like Manor Lords, you’re only as strong as your weakest soldier, and when you’re a lord trying to expand your settlement, the power of your army dictates just how much land you can get. Nearby territories can fight back, and your villages can get raided at any second. To stay prepared, you need a formidable army. In this guide, I’ll teach you how to make an army and form your militia.

How To Make An Army and Form Militia

If you’ve selected the AI adversaries option, then you’re going to experience battles in Manor Lords. That being said, an understanding of how each army unit works is important to building your militia.

This is a gameplay still showing a battle in Manor Lords.

Army Units and Recruitment

To access the recruitment panel, press “V” or select the Army icon on the bottom portion of your screen (the icon that looks like two swords crossing). This will open the active units you can access at any given time.


There are four units you can pick from:

  • Footmen
    • Uses swords and small shields.
  • Spearmen
    • Uses spears and large shields .
  • Polearms
    • Uses polearms.
  • Archers
    • Uses war bows and arrows.
The plus sign to recruit units is on the bottom portion of the screen.

Militia Weapons

Stated above, each unit will use a different weapon in battle. These weapons come straight from your settlement. You will need artisans to craft equipment for villagers:

  • Fletcher’s Workshop – Creates warbows.
  • Blacksmith’s Workshop – Creates spears and sidearms (i.e. swords).
  • Joiner’s Workshop – Creates wooden parts and shields.
  • Armorer’s Workshop – Creates mail and plate armor upon unlocking the prerequisite development/tech.


To recruit units into your army, select a unit type and press the plus (+) icon. The “Form Militia” option will open which allows you to choose specific troop types. A red number above the unit will indicate how many units you have of this type. 

Note that these soldiers come from your villages! This means that if you lose battles, you lose villagers. Moreover, your army consists of men, therefore some work processes in the village will take longer when your army is in battle.

This is what a regular village looks in Manor Lords.

Retinue Units

Retinue Units are only available once you build a Manor. The prerequisite for this is a small village, 5x Timber, 20x planks, and 15x stone.

You can add more retinue units by clicking the “Retinue Customization” button. Here, you can change the color of their equipment, upgrade their armor, or change troop types. 

More Tips

  • You can hire mercenaries to supplement your army’s fighting power. Read more about hiring mercenary units in our guide!
  • You can select rally points when selecting units. This tells them where to go on the battlefield.
  • When heading to battle, make sure you can afford it by checking your Treasury Resource.

And that’s everything on how to make an army and form your militia! Hopefully, this guide gives you all the information you need to form a formidable army in Manor Lords.


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