Manor Lords: How To Tax People

The Tax Collector is here!

A new city-building strategy game has hit the market and it’s called Manor Lords. The game focuses on the historically accurate designs in its buildings, houses, workplaces and fashion industry while showcasing authenticity that matches real- life. Being responsible for setting taxes may feel like a difficult spot to be in but it is an integral part in improving the economy. Let’s see how to Tax People in Manor Lords. 

How To Tax People

Let’s start with answering why you tax people. You do it because you need to gain Personal Wealth (which can be viewed in the top right of the UI) to pay the King. You only need a small amount in this demo. 

To set up taxes, you first need to do two things. You need to reach the Small Village status and build a Manor. Become a Small Village by acquiring 5 Burgage Plots and have all homeless citizens move into them. Once you reach that status, next up you need to build a manor. 

Small Village status in Manor Lords.

Building a manor is simple. Go over to the game’s taskbar at the bottom and click on the Tool to see a list of items to build. 

Building option in Manor Lords.

Then go to the icon that looks like a castle and one of the options in that window should be a manor. That’s where you go to build it.

Building Manor option in Manor Lords.

Once you finish building your manor, you should get a prompt informing you about taxes. It will also tell you how to access your Taxes Tab

Taxation description in Manor Lords.

Click on your manor and then and will show the general description of the Manor. Then click on Taxes to see a list of taxes that you can upgrade

Setting taxes in Manor Lords.

Only two types of taxes are highlighted and are available to use in this early access of the game. Those are Land Tax and Tithe. Land Tax is collected from the regional Wealth and Tithe is the influence you get from the church. 

Each building will give you more tax revenue, the higher level it is. So, you may want to upgrade your Burgage plot. Check out this guide on How To Upgrade Burgage Plot to learn how. 

Tithe description in Manor Lords.

Be warned that if your taxes are set too high, your villagers will be unhappy. Approval rating below 50% will mean no growth for the population. 

You can now increase Land Tax from 0 to 10 percent. It’s important to keep a good balance between the regional wealth and taxes. Also ensure that your villagers’ needs are met and they will remain thriving and happy to pay taxes to help the economy!

While you’re here, check out this guide on How To Trade when Trade Rule is set to “No Trade” in Manor lords to ensure that wealth and goods are flowing in the town.


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