Manor Lords: How To Trade when Trade Rule is set to “No Trade”

Let the goods and wealth flow!

Manor Lords How To Trade when Trade Rule is set to No Trade

Trading is important in any city builder that allows it since you can get goods you can’t normally produce. Not only that, but you can also sell the surplus goods you have to get some nice profit! Some games can have some confusing trading though.

In Manor Lords, trading isn’t as simple as clicking a couple of buttons or building a structure. You’ll need to set trade rules and by default, it’s set to “No Trade.” In this guide, we’ll show you how you can change the trade rules in the game. Now, let’s get ready to sell and buy some goods to make the city better!

How To Trade when Trade Rule is set to “No Trade”

Trading is a vital part of Manor Lords and there are even some Development Perks that help with it. If you need spears or shields in the early game then trading is the way to go. Here’s how you can trade properly using the Trading Post.

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Here are the steps that we’ll be taking to trade properly in Manor Lords:

  1. Select The Trading Post.
  2. Select the Trade tab.
  3. Click the Drop-Down Menu to the left of the goods.
  4. Select either Import, Export, or Full Trade.
  5. Open a route for the goods.
  6. Wait for the trade to flow!

This article continues with a detailed walkthrough down below!

Detailed Walkthrough

Trading is a vital part of Manor Lords because it’s one of the earliest ways you can get Regional Wealth. That’s why you’ll want to build a Trading Post, but it’s not as simple as just building it.

To start trading, you’ll want to select the Trading Post and then go to the Trade Tab. From there, select what goods you’ll want to trade and then press the drop-down menu to the left that says “No Trade” by default. This will open up the different trading rules.

Manor Lords Trading Post Trade Rules

Import means you’ll be buying these goods from traders. Export means you’ll be selling the goods to traders. Finally, Full Trade means you’ll either buy or sell goods to stay in the set number.

Use the + or – button to set how much you want to buy or sell until you have a surplus of that number.

Manor Lords Establish Trade Route

You won’t trade yet until you have a Trade Route. To do that, press the “Establish a Trade Route” button to the right of the goods. This will cost Regional wealth and some goods like Major Trades need you to establish one before you can set a trade rule.Once you’ve set everything up, remember to assign families to the Trading Post and wait for the trade to flow!

That’s how you can trade with the trade rules in Manor Lords, now go out there and try it out yourself! If you need livestock then you’ll need a different way to get them. Check out our guide on how to get livestock for more information!


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