Manor Lords: How To Upgrade Burgage Plot

Time to upgrade the homes!

Manor Lords How To Upgrade Burgage Plot

When it comes to city builder games, you’ll usually start small with basic buildings and build up from there. It’s a way to give players something to work towards and progress and different games do this in different ways.

In Manor Lords, you’ll start building the basic Burgate plots where your villagers will live. If you want to unlock more perks and upgrade your village, you’ll want to upgrade these Burgage plots. Doing so isn’t that clear so players can get lost. In this guide, we’ll show you how you can upgrade the Burgage plots in the game. We’ll go through what you’ll need to do to get better houses for your citizens! Now, let’s see what we’ll need to build.

How To Upgrade Burgage Plot

One of the first things you’ll do in Manor Lords is to build houses for your citizens. That’s because they generally don’t like it if they live in tents with any insulation from the wilds. That’s where you build Burgage Plots, and you can upgrade them to overall upgrade your town.

SIDE NOTE: Are you new to the game? Go check out our Beginner’s Guide for Manor Lords for some tips and tricks!

Here are the steps we’ll be taking to upgrade Burgage Plots in the game:

  1. Select the Burgage Plot and check what it needs.
  2. Satisfy the Amenities and Market Supplies.
  3. Select the Burgage Plot and click the upgrade button.
  4. Wait till the upgrade is finished!

This article continues with a detailed walkthrough down below!

Detailed Walkthrough

To upgrade Burgage Plots, you’ll need to have all the Amenities and Market Supply ready checked for that house. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see the upgrade button when you select a house light up, click on it to upgrade it!

Manor Lords Upgrade House

Making sure the Amenities and Market Supply is available is where most of the game is. Make sure that you have fuel being made by Woodcutter’s Hut. You’ll also need to build a church and a marketplace to satisfy the rest of the supply needs.

Manor Lords Marketplace

Food stall supply means a variety of food, like Bread, meat, or berries. Clothing Stall supply is the supply of different clothes, for Level 1 Burgage Plots they’ll only need leather. To make leather, you’ll need a Tannery that turns Hides into leather, hides can be produced by hunting with a Hunting Camp.

The game gets progressively gets harder as more supply chains are needed to upgrade these plots. That’s where the fun of the game is!

That’s how you can upgrade Burgage Plots in Manor Lords. Now, go out there and try to upgrade them yourself! Want to know how you can delete roads in the game? Go check out our guide on how to delete roads to make your cities better!


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