Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How To Get Afflicted Monster Parts FAST | Anomaly Quest Farm Guide

Here are some ways to get better yield of Afflicted Parts!

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How To Get Afflicted Monster Parts FAST | Anomaly Quest Farm Guide

Planning for a massive upgrade on your character? Not without afflicted monster parts, you won’t. Most of the endgame weapons and armor need Afflicted monster parts and honestly, it’s kind of a pain to get them. Worry no more, here are some ways you can improve the yield of afflicted monster parts!

Anomaly Quest Farm Guide – Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Monster afflicted parts are usually obtained through quest bonus rewards. These depend purely on your luck: from carving the monster which only has a 20% chance of getting the afflicted parts, or from part breaks.

All of those mentioned above are affected by RNG or luck. What if I tell you that there’s actually a get this RNG more to our side and yield a better number? 

One skill that tips the RNG more to our side is by using Partbreaker. This skill increases the amount of damage to the monsters’ parts with every hit. Note that this skill does not affect the monster’s HP. Rather, it affects the percentage of the individual monster part health. This makes it easier for you to break monster parts. 

At max level, this skill gives you a 30% chance to easily break the part. This means that this will give you 30% more parts! 

Another useful skill that will give you more yield is Good Luck. This skill increases the chance of bonus quest rewards which also affects the drop of afflicted parts. 

Some food skills are also to consider but not as reliable, mind you. Like the Triple Rose Dango that gives you an increased chance of carving the afflicted part. Or the Hap-peanut Dango which is similar to the Good Luck skill.

Other than the methods mentioned above, at the expense of your head armor you might want to consider using the Feather of Mastery helmet for its Carving Master skill. Mind you, to get this helmet is a hassle itself as you will need to clear all six Arena Quests with all five available weapons. 

Special Afflicted Parts for Each Monster

As for further tips, here’s a breakdown for each monster that gives specific afflicted parts: 

  • Afflicted Bone: Arzuros, Lagombi, and Volvidon
  • Afflicted Pelt: Great Izuchi, Great Wroggi, Great Baggi, and Kulu-Ya-Ku
  • Afflicted Blood: Tetranadon, Daimyu Hermitaur, Bishaten, Khezu
  • Afflicted Monster Bone: Aknosom, Royal Ludroth, Basarios, Barioth
  • Afflicted Shell: Blood Orange Bishaten, Somnacanth, Jyuratodus, Shogun Ceanataur
  • Afflicted Scale: Tobi-Kadachi, Rathian, Anjanath, Pukei-Pukei
  • Afflicted Claw: Aurora Somnacanth, Goss Harag, Rakna-Kadaki, Almudron
  • Afflicted Fang: Garangolm, Magnamalo, Nargacuga, Barioth

But the easiest way to hunt for Afflicted Parts is to actually team up with other hunters. And then, gank-up on as many afflicted monsters as you humanly can. 

Hope this guide helps!

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