Nightingale: How to Get Glass

Add some shine to your base!

Crafting items and materials plays a vital role when it comes to Nightingale. This Victorian era survival game will require you to go through a lot of crafting advancements as you progress through the game. So, you’ll need items like glass as they will be required in a series of crafting and building recipes.

If you’re having trouble getting glass in Nightingale, we have you covered. In this guide, we will show you all the steps you need to go through, including the setup needed, for making glass. Let’s get into it!

How to Get Glass

To get glass in Nightingale, you will need to go through the following steps:

  • Crafting a Simple Mining Pick
  • Use the Simple Mining Pick to Collect Raw Gems (Quartz)
  • Build a Simple Smelter
  • Craft Glass from Gems using the Simple Smelter.

We also recommend checking out how to get shaft, as it is also required in many recipes in Nightingale.

Craft a Simple Mining Pick

The first thing you will want for the process of getting glass in Nightingale is making a Simple Mining Pick. Starting off, you’ll need a Simple Tanning Station. To access it, go into your Recipes Menu and look for the option that says Crafting: Basics & Repair.

Simple Tanning Station in Nightingale.

Select the Place Button and place the Tanning Station wherever you want. After that, you’ll need to built it with the following materials:

  • x6 Sticks
  • x10 Plant Fibre

After that, interact with the Tanning Station. Select the option that says Straps. Craft at least two Straps by converting Hide (that you can get from animals) into Straps.

Straps in Nightingale.

Once that’s taken care of, you’ll need to build another station. This is the Simple Workbench that you can also find in the Crafting: Basics & Repair Section of the Recipes Menu.

Place it down too and build it with the following materials:

  • x10 Wood Bundles
  • x4 Plant Fibre
Simple Workbench in Nightingale.

Now you can finally get to building the Simple Mining Pick. Interact with the Simple Workbench and you’ll see a range of recipes that you can make. You want to navigate to the option that says Simple Mining Pick.

Craft the Simple Mining Pick by fulfilling the following material requirements:

  • x1 Stone Block
    • From mining Sandstone Blocks
  • x1Wood Bundle
    • From chopping trees
  • x2 Straps
    • Already obtained by the method shown above.
Simple mining Pick Crafting in Nightingale.

Mine and Collect Raw Gems (Quartz)

Next up, we’ll be getting raw gems that will be converted into glass in the later steps. Starting off, make sure that you equip the Simple Mining Pick that you crafted.

After that, you want to locate Raw Gem Nodes that can be found all around the world of Nightingale. You can recognize them by the large crystals of Quartz coming out of them. Simply mine them with your Simple Mining Pick and collect all the broken pieces.

Raw Gem Nodes in Nightingale.

Craft a Simple Smelter

Next up, you’ll need to build a Simple Smelter. Our Simple Smelter guide will show you in great detail on how to build one with the best bonuses possible.

In essence, you will need to first purchase the recipe for the Simple Smelter. You can do this by visiting an Essence Trader that can be found in the Respite area of the Nightingale map.

Essence Trader in Nightingale.

Interact with him and you’ll be met with a menu. Select the option that says Crafting: Refinement. Here, you can find the Simple Smelter Schematic. Make sure you purchase it so that you can access the Recipe. It’ll cost you 55 Essence Dust.

Purchasing Simple Smelter Schematic in Nightingale.

Once you have bought it, open your Recipes Menu and go to the Crafting: Refinement section. Here, you can select the Simple Smelter and place it. To build it, you’ll need the following materials:

  • x4 Stone Blocks
  • x6 Rocks
Simple Smelter Recipe in Nightingale.

Craft Glass with Simple Smelter

Once the Simple Smelter is built, interact with it to open the menu. Here, you want to select the option that says Glass. Place the Raw Gems that you harvested earlier and place it into the empty slot. Now you can select the Craft option to make as much glass you want.

And since you have the setup, making glass in Nightingale will be very convenient!

Crafting Glass in Nightingale.

That’s everything you need to know about getting glass in Nightingale. Glass can be used for other more advanced recipes that you’ll come across as you progress through the game. If you’re just starting out with the game, check our Best Start guide which will ensure you can hit the ground running!


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