Pokemon Legends Arceus: How To Get Rotom And All Forms

Want to know how to get all different forms of Rotom? Well, get your wallets ready ‘cause we’re going shopping!

Most Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus have their own different evolutions. Rotom is one of the unique Pokemons that does not have an evolution cycle. On the other hand, it has numerous different forms, and this guide will show you how you can catch them all.

Rotom Locations and Other Forms — Pokemon Legends Arceus

Rotom is an Electric and Ghost-type Pokemon and is considered a Plasma Pokemon. You can find this Pokemon with the Levitate ability. Rotom is weak to Pokemons with Ground, Ghost, and Dark-type moves.

  • One of the locations you can catch Rotom is the Sacred Plaza in Coronet Highlands. Keep in mind that this is not a guaranteed spawn location. From the camp, head right down the mountain and you should see a Rotom on the path down.
  • You can also catch a Rotom in the Stonetooth Rows.

Now to change the forms of Rotom, you actually need to head back to Jubilife Village. Go to the Ginkgo Guild and talk to the NPC called Ginter that sells items.

The items he sells are random, so you need to wait for him to restock if you do not find what you are looking for. The price of the appliance items can vary from 20,000 Pokedollars to 40,000 Pokedollars so be sure to save up.

Once you have the items, go back to your house, and interact with the appliances while you have Rotom in your party to change its form.

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