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Pokemon Legends Arceus: Look for YORRICH: Setting up the Coastlands Camp

Just like any other Pokemon game, Arceus is all about exploring. So, whenever you find a new area, there are a bunch of requests you can complete just so you can build up separate Base Camps.

The new Base Camps will assist you on your exploring mission and most of them involve interacting with multiple NPCs, to set up the camp. However, in the case of Setting Up the Coastlands Camp, the request involves finding a missing person and fighting a talkative bird – Chatot.

Setting Up the Coastlands Camp Guide

To start the Setting Up the Coastlands Camp request, you need to visit Bather’s Lagoon and talk to Gully which can be found in the center of Sand’s Reach. She will explain the situation, and ask you to look for the missing person Yorrich to return him to the Coastlands Camp. This will be your Base Camp after successfully completing this quest.

Gully will give you a hint for his location, but looking for Yorrich can take you hours. However, the missing person is not too far away from Gully’s position.

Yorrich is located on the southeast tip of Sand’s Reach. Since the area resembles a hand, Yorrich would be located on the pinky finger. Make sure to wait until night, since you won’t be able to find him there during day time.

Yorrich Location Pokemond Legends

Once you get there, you’ll find Yorrich harassed by a Chatot. After that cutscene, you’ll get your chance to battle against the Chatot and defeat him to free Yorrich and send him back to the Coastlands Camp.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Look for YORRICH

It would be wise to use this time to catch the Chatot and add it to your Pokedex.

After defeating Chatot, you’ll free Yorrich and send him back to Gully. Completing this mission successfully would set you up your new Base Camp.

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