Project Zomboid: Dungeons Guide

Survive the deadly dungeons using this guide!

Project Zomboid recently launched a new content as well as a multiplayer system. One of the new features in Project Zomboid is the safehouses or dungeons on the map. These safehouses can occur with any house and the spawn rate for it is random. 

Dungeons Guide — Project Zomboid

So how do you identify a dungeon or safehouse from a normal house? A safehouse or dungeon will have numerous zombies, making it incredibly dangerous to infiltrate. However, the rewards of the safehouse are worth it as well.

The safehouse has a lot of perishable and non-perishable goods as well as powerful weapons you can loot. Keep in mind that corpses can also spawn inside the house, so be sure you are well-prepared. 

To begin, you need to destroy the barricade on the windows using a hammer or crowbar.  You can also bait the zombies outside before going inside to reduce their numbers. Numerous zombies can be around in any corner, so be sure to retreat if needed. 

In Louisville, you will find rows of houses that spawn as dungeons. Don’t know how to get to Louisville? Read our guide here

 Some dungeons are not fully barricaded as well. Be sure to circle around the house to find the best window to use for breaking in. 

You can also use the dungeons as your base or outpost because they have a good loot spawn. 

Good luck on looting, survivors!

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