Rimworld – Anomaly DLC: How To Get An Invoker

How do I get this Ritual to start?

The much-awaited Rimworld Anomaly DLC has finally been released, adding all sorts of horror themed content to the game. Alongside all of the things added, you also have rituals that you can conduct for all sorts of effects and actions in the game.

However, there is an aspect of rituals in the Rimworld Anomaly DLC that can be very confusing. It is the part where you have to get an Invoker during the process. Not to worry, we have you sorted out. In this guide, we’ll help you understand what an Invoker is and how to get it. Let’s get into it!

How To Get An Invoker

In this guide, we’ll first briefly discuss what an Invoker actually is. After that, we’ll show you exactly how you can get an Invoker for the Ritual in the Anomaly DLC.

Invoker Explained

When you start a Ritual in the Rimworld Anomaly DLC, you’ll see that there is a position for an Invoker. The Invoker is basically the leader of the Ritual that you’ll be undertaking.

So, selecting an Invoker is essential if you want the Ritual to actually work.

Invoker Slot in Rimworld Anomaly.

Selecting an Invoker

When you’re selecting an Invoker, you’ll see a whole list of Colonists that you can select. The confusion here lies in the fact that there isn’t any auto select feature that you traditionally see with other options in Rimworld.

This is because you can select any Colonist that you want.

So, to get an Invoker, simply drag and drop any Colonist you want to lead the Ritual.

Dragging Colonist to Ritual Slot in Rimworld Anomaly.

When you select a Colonist, you will be able to see the bonus that the specific Colonist and their role provides to the Ritual. This bonus will impact the quality of the Ritual. 

Different Colonists will provide different bonuses depending on their Psychic Sensitivity. So choose them based on the bonus and quality of Ritual you want from them.

Ritual Bonus in Rimworld Anomaly.

That’s pretty much all that you need to do when getting an Invoker in the new Anomaly DLC for Rimworld. As you can see, it is quite a simple process. There’s a whole load of things you can do in the new DLC. Check out our Complete Anomaly DLC guide for more information!


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