RimWorld – Anomaly DLC: What To Do With Ghoul Guide

How to make full use of the Ghouls.

RimWorld - Anomaly DLC: What To Do With Ghoul Guide

Ghoul is the new creature in RimWorld added with the Anomaly DLC which is the focus of this guide. The Ghoul is a creature with their own purposes and functions. We’ll show you how to make use of the Ghoul and what it can do for you.

What To Do With Ghoul Guide

Ghoul is a melee creature that you can make in the new Anomaly DLC. As mentioned above, you can make it make it help you on your gameplay. I’ll provide everything you need to know about Ghouls below.

How to Make a Ghoul

To get a ghoul, you need to do an operation on one of your people. The weaker they are, the faster the process. You can Arrest one of your people and then go to the Operations and pick Ghoul Infusion under the bill.

How to become a ghoul in RimWorld - Anomaly DLC.

How to Work a Ghoul

Here are some fact about ghouls:

  • Ghouls only eat meat.
  • Ghouls can regenerate any missing limbs.
  • Ghouls cannot work, only fight.
  • Ghouls can drag back meat.
  • Ghouls carry over only Melee value, they cannot use any weapon.
  • Ghouls can be resurrected.
Technology for ghoul in RimWorld - Anomaly DLC.

And with that you can quickly guess it. Ghouls are perfect meat hunters! Ghouls are very, very cheap melee fodders to fight and find you food. Tough, Brawler, and Nimble are some traits that carry over, which means you can have an immortal worker.

You can send Ghoul across the map to kill enemies. And you can use the most useless villager that’s starting to grow bad ailments or have lost some limbs. This is because the Ghoul will just regrow those missing limbs and recover from any ailment.

The downside is you can’t make them work on anything else. Nor do they eat anything else but meat. But Ghouls will eat monster and animal meat that he can hunt on his own which isn’t that much.

So, to conclude what you can do with a Ghoul in RimWorld new Anomaly DLC:

  • Turn the most useless villagers into Ghouls which are self-sufficient.
  • Alternatively, turn your strongest melee fighters into Ghoul for a dedicated offensive party.
  • Send them out to hunt meat and clear enemies. They will survive most 1v1 situations.

And that’s all for today’s guide about Ghouls in Rimworld Anomaly. Here’s another RimWorld guide for the Biotech DLC!


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