Rimworld: How To Defend Without Killbox (Anomaly DLC)

No more ugly killboxes!

Rimworld is a science-fiction colony simulation powered by an intelligent AI storyteller. The game creates stories by modeling a variety of topics, including psychology, ecology, interloper relations, art, medicine, trade, climate, biomes, melee combat, firearms, and more.

At the beginning of the game, you begin with three survivors of a shipwreck in a distant world. Here, you need to create your own colony and defend your base from external threats. Most of the methods require you to use killboxes. However, if you are looking for a different method, you have come to the right place. In this guide, we will show you how to defend without killbox in Anomaly DLC Rimworld.

How To Defend Without Killbox (Anomaly DLC)

First of all, we have to mention that defending your base without killbox is not the best kind of defense you can get in the game. You might not like the killboxes in the game, but they are there for a reason. Still, we will show you how you are going to do it.

Rimworld: How To Defend Without Killbox

Lower the Difficulty

A killbox lets you deal with considerably larger numbers of foes for a given amount of resources by concentrating your turret strength on a particular location. That most raiders will pass through. No matter what patterns or turrets you use, if you take those turrets and distribute them throughout your fortress, each side or section will be able to hold off many fewer enemies before being overpowered.

The only true answer is to lower the difficulty so that you have fewer opponents to cope with. The turrets themselves become largely optional. Due to the challenges involved in pulling this off, with your colonists ultimately handling the majority of the labor.

Workers in Rimworld

Using Embrasures

Essentially, embrasures allow you to fight back and give you some time. Raiders attack embrasures when your pawns are behind them. Despite having a number of restrictions, it lets you play at maximum difficulty. Enemy raiders also employ embrasures to their advantage.

You still need to be cautious when using gas or fire weapons. Massive melee raids would quickly destroy these embrasures. However, at least in this scenario, you have some advantages because you have embrasures and killboxes or intricate mazes of traps.

Embrasures in Rimworld

Walls & Workers

Construct a wall around your base, leaving one side vulnerable to attack: position numerous colonists and defenders there. To increase the effectiveness of your power, focus it on a smaller region.

Most players would anticipate the game to function along the lines of castle walls, moats, and gate defense. A killbox is a designated area where adversaries are eliminated; it is that smaller area with stacked defenses.

It is entirely up to you to defend it. On easier levels, you can just set up some cover and move your colonists there; on harder levels, you will usually also need a lot of turrets; traps are a good option if you can afford them, but they are never actually necessary.

Using walls in Rimworld.


You will need eight sniper/heavy turrets in order to ensure that one adversary is killed with a single turret shot. That means, in one game hour, these many turrets will eliminate the following amount of opponents if the player is assaulted by the hardest pirate raid: fifteen or eighteen foes (heavy turrets slow down).

To defeat the most challenging pirate raid. You will then need to position 48 turrets—preferably sniper turrets—in each of the eight cardinal directions. However, this ignores the reality that, depending on randomness, the opponent will start to withdraw earlier when casualties, particularly within his group, approach 40–70%. In other words, 32 turrets on each side are necessary.

Placing turrets in Rimworld.

What are the 32 sniper turrets? This consists of 960 plastic, 1920 uranium, 9600 steel, 192 components, and 4800 watts of electricity. It only takes one subterranean deposit to excavate the necessary quantity and even more!

Furthermore, using a long-range mineral scanner, it will only be necessary to identify the components twice in order to remove this much material. Even in the game’s first year, and even more so in the year.

The player hits 10,000 difficulty points, this is all entirely manageable. Actually, since the player won’t have to defend against raids with 10,000 points, we would like to remind you that you will require a lot fewer turrets in each direction of the planet.

Using turrets to eliminate threats in Rimworld.

Additionally, it wouldn’t hurt to point out what a level 20 builder is capable of—not in the dark and under bodrin—while donning a belt-shield and remaining healthy.

When a builder fixes a heavily targeted sniper or heavy turret, their contribution will be as follows before the weapon reaches the dangerous 20% HP:

  • The turret will withstand 11 grenade explosions as opposed to 4; it will withstand 58 automatic shotgun volleys at 100% accuracy (each three shots counts as one volley) as opposed to 8.
  • The DPS of any other weapon will be significantly less.
Sniper turrets in Rimworld.


To defeat the most difficult enemy, namely an imperial soldier in cataphract armor, with an anesthetic chip, under Go-sok, and with a stone skin gland, you will need, on average: 4.5 plasteel traps; 4.9 steel traps, and 21.8 wood traps.

That is to say, in order to resist a raid of 100 people and force it to withdraw. 405 Plasteel traps would need to be placed in a straight line, stepping on every trap along the way. And so hundreds of times. These figures show that one of the defense strategies that prevents you from winning the game with its assistance is the use of traps.

Traps in Rimworld.

This is How To Defend Without Killbox in Rimworld. You do not have many options to choose from, as the killboxes are actually designed to help you out. If you have any other questions, feel free to leave a comment below. Before you leave, why not check out our Complete Combat Guide (Anomaly DLC) as well?


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