Serin Fate: How To Complete Coco’s Third Task

Help Coco with her soggy request…

Now, maybe this is just me but… this quest sounds wrong. It just does. Why does she want you to get her something soggy? And why is she not giving any more details? Ugh… Gives me the creeps. In the normal Serin Fate fashion, you probably have no idea what the heck this woman wants from you. Good, that means you need my help. Here is a quick and simple guide to show you how to get what Coco wants for the third task.

How To Complete Coco’s Third Task – Serin Fate

What she’s really talking about here is an Old Boot. You might wonder why? Here is the description of the boot: “A soggy boot”. Now you know.

So, in order to get it, you need to kill quite a few Carrion Prey. The blue birds that fly around Autumn Forest. They have a chance to drop the Old Boot.

To get there, leave the town to the West and start going Northeast until you end up in a place full of red and orange trees.

Here is an image to show you how the blue birds look if you haven’t seen any yet:

So just go in there, kill a lot of them and hope to get the boot.

Afterwards, just go back to Coco and say that you got her soggy request. She’ll give you 600 gold and you’ll advance to the next task.

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