Serin Fate: How To Fish

Learn the ways of the old fishermen!

Fishing is one of the many pleasures of life. It will give you purpose and will guide you to new beginnings! Ok, I might be going over the top here, but I must say that fishing in Serin Fate might be one of the most enjoyable minigames in the whole game! But many people don’t even make it to that point because they have no idea how to fish. Well, that’s no problem because we will show you the way and teach you the art of fishing in Serin Fate!

How To Fish – Serin Fate

There are two ways in which you can get a fishing rod, a lure and some bait.

The straightforward way would be to buy from the market in the main city. The guy sells you a rod for 1 gold and a lure for a whopping 200 gold. A bit much for a starting adventurer, that’s for sure.

The other way would be to find the sailor in the Autumn Woods. He’s dug in really deep in there, so it might take you a long while to find him.

Here is a picture so you know you’ve found him if you’re a cheapskate and want to get the rod, lure and bait for 1 gold:

Once you’ve got them, go to any big water body you can find. Put the rod and lure in your hotbar. If you don’t have them both in there, you won’t fish.

Use the rod and select where in the water you want to send it. It won’t really matter in the beginning.

When you start fishing, the water will gain a lot of new textures. Here is how everything will look:

The bubbles circled in red are where the fish is. The bigger the body of water, the bigger the chances of more fish.

The number in white over your bait is the number of turns you have. You’ll have to move around your bait until you arrive at the bubbles.

Once you’re there, wait for a few seconds until in bittes. This could take a while. Once you see your character stressing to get the fish out, start quickly smashing the Space Bar until it’s out.

And that is how you fish. Of course, the many things you see in the water have negative and positive effects on what you’re doing, but what’s the fun in not learning on your own! (You should avoid most of them, but try them out, you’ll just lose 1 bait).

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