Serin Fate: How To Save The Game

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Serin Fate is an indie rpg that recently came out that is giving players, noobs and veterans, questions all over the place. Mainly because the game is very unintuitive and it really likes to make its players discover things on their own. Well, I personally think that the game assumes we know that we have to interact with everything in an rpg, which is not something most people know to do. So here is a really short guide that will tell you how to save the game and make sure you won’t lose your hours of progress!

How To Save The Game – Serin Fate

After you get out of the house, you will see a big stone that looks like it has some runic inscriptions on it Northeast of where you are.

If you don’t know how it looks, here is a picture with it next to the player character:

You go right next to it and press “E” on your keyboard. You will then see the option to save the game.

Do it and you can load at any time. There are many stones scattered around the world, so keep an eye out for them. Save as often as you can.

If you also need help with other beginner problems you might have, we have here a guide with tips and tricks to get you into the game properly and enjoy it, as it was intended.

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