Serin Fate: How To Get Void Bar

Get one of the best ingots in the game!

Games like Serin Fate don’t often come by. Indie games tend to have a tendency to help players in any way possible. Serin Fate doesn’t do that. Instead, it lets you wobble your way to the top. That’s why people like me exist. To help you in moments like these, when there is no one else to guide you to your desired outcome. You want to get a Void Bar, but don’t know how? Here is exactly what you need to do to get this rare ingot.

How To Get Void Bar – Serin Fate

What you need to smelt a Void bar is some coal, some Void ore and some Void crumble.

There are two locations in which you can get this. The beach in the main town and in the Emberore Mountains.

To enter the beach, you’ll need a bandana. After you have it and get there, go North to a place that has a lot of jars. Here is a picture with how it looks:

You can just mine the ore for the Void ore that you need. You’ll also get some Void crumble from the process. This choice is a lot safer than the Mountain.

In the Emberore Mountains you can find a lot more ore to mine, but you will face a lot of enemies and you’ll have to get through a ton of other ore to get to the Void.

Once you get a few pieces of ore, go to your smelters and insert a ton of coal on the first slot, all your Void ore on the second slot and the Void crumble you also got on the way on the third.

After you let it do its thing for a while, you will get some Void bars out of it.

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