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Siege Survival: Gloria Victis – How To Recruit Demetrius

Want a cartographer by your side? Why not recruit Demetrius?

Having a great character design, Demetrius is unfortunately not the best companion you can get in this game. A cartographer by trade, Demetrius is a pretty clever character and has a pretty funny recruitment event, so maybe that makes him worth recruiting in your second play through, if not for the “Catch Em All” achievement and the achievement you get for recruiting him (that only 2% of players have got). You can also get some nice items from his location so might as check it out, right?

How To Recruit Demetrius – Siege Survival: Gloria Victis

Compared to other characters, Demetrius is a bit challenging to recruit. However, to ensure that you recruit him, follow the steps below:

  1. If you have discovered the Crafts District fast travel point, then you only need a torch for the yellow circle, and if you haven’t, get two shovels for the rubble that you’ll have to clear in Cheapside. You have to get to the Harbor.

  2. Next, advance to the “!” sign that’s near to the corpses you have just burnt. The one in the middle of the map below, on the dock.

  3. On the first page click the “Worth checking the hold!” option to get in there.

  4. Once inside the boat, choose the “We can find a use for it…” option to get some textiles. Not the best loot, but at least it’s gonna get you through another day.

  5. Next there are gonna be two  “Continue” pages. Quite entertaining to read, I might add.

  6. And now you finally have a chance to interact with Demetrius. Select the “Interrogate him” choice to get him. The “Search him” choice will offend him and you’ll lose the chance to recruit him, though you will get some loot.

  7. Here you’ll get the choice to get him if you have space in your party. Just select “Could he be of use…?” and you’re done!

Once you’ve done this, you’ll get a companion that doesn’t eat much… and that’s all the upside you get from Demetrius.

I really hope this easily got you Demetrius in your group of survivors and that it somehow made your experience more enjoyable!

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