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Siege Survival: Gloria Victis – How To Recruit Kimbra

You can get the best trader on your team!

If you’re wondering who the best trader companion is in Siege Survival: Gloria Victis, wonder no more. Kimbra is an amazing addition to your rag tag group of survivors that will undoubtedly help you reach your goal of ending the siege. She is one of the farthest recruits from the original nighttime spawn point, but is totally worth it in the late game. Luckily for you, we know how to get her to join you, and you’ll also know in a few seconds.

How To Recruit Kimbra – Siege Survival: Gloria Victis

If you haven’t made it to the Filthies yet, I recommend you check this guide out which tells you how to open the City Gate and get to the Filthies in the easiest way possible.

Here is how you recruit Kimbra, the Innkeeper:

  1. Travel to the Filthies at night.

  2. There is an “!” event next to the bridge to leave the city. You can see it below on the map and in real time.

  3. After you reach it, click on it.

  4. The event will start and you’ll have to choose “Peer inside”

  5. You’ll stumble into a lot of enemy soldiers partying. Here, you just don’t have to be a coward. Choose “You must help her!”.

  6. At this point. I have always tried the same strategy and it worked, so here it is; click “The backdoor”.

  7. You’ll witness a battle unfold. Just “Continue”.

  8. Kimbra will escape and you’ll get the chance to recruit her if you have space in your crew. Of course, “Take her to the castle”.

And you’ve done it! Kimbra has joined the group of survivalists and is waiting at the castle now. Don’t forget to feed her, cause she eats, a lot.

Just don’t recruit her early game since she can kill your food stocks really fast. Preferably make her your 4th recruit.

Since she has the same carrying capacity as Flint, good trading skills and a scavenging speed that is faster than normal, she might turn into your new nightcrawler. I know she is mine… if I’m not in a fighting mood.

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