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Siege Survival: Gloria Victis – How To Recruit Gerard

You can add a butcher to your party in Gloria Victis. His name is Gerard.

Personally, my favorite character, Gerard is a sturdy butcher that can carry 10 items at the same time! On top of this, he is also strong, which means he cam crack some invader skulls, and he is better at crafting than the average man. Now, obviously, you might be wondering what the downside to such a beast my be? He… eats. A lot. Fortunately, when you find him, you also get a meat carcass so that should be able to feed him for a day or two… Anyway, let’s get into getting him.

How To Recruit Gerard – Siege Survival: Gloria Victis

There are three ways to get to Gerard: through the City Gate, which is circled in black (we have a guide on how to open it), fast traveling into the Crafts District, or shoveling through the rubble in the red circled spots. All of this to get into the Crafts District.

After getting there, you can start recruiting Gerard. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Next, advance to the “!” sign mouse is on in the picture above. That’s the butchery where you’ll find him. Be careful for the patrols that walk around.

  2. When you start the event, the game will give you a chance to back off. Choose the “Step inside” option if you’re sure you want to get Gerard.

  3. Once inside, you should click the “Search for a fresh carcass” choice.

  4. The game will try to make it seem like you made the wrong choice, but we both know it’s the right one, so just “Continue”.

  5. Here you will finally stumble over Gerard, who is enjoying his beauty sleep under a pig carcass… Of course, choose “Help him”.

  6. The game will make it seem like he is weakened, but we know better than that. Click “Take him to the castle” and you’ve done it!

After this, he’ll be waiting for you in the morning at the castle. For obvious reasons, he should become your new night crawler for all the bonuses he adds to the team. Just don’t forget to feed him.

I hope this guide got you your very much needed companion and got you back on the surviving train. Let’s hope he’s enough to get you through this siege!

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