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Siege Survival: Gloria Victis – How To Open The City Gate

The gate at the Marketplace can be opened by using the Massive Key!

If you saw the title and thought that there is a way out of this accursed city, then I have bad news for you… The only way out is the bridge and there is no way you could get through there. But if you came here because you want to open the huge gate you saw on the first day in the Marketplace and wondering how in God’s name do you open this clear pathway to loot, here is the guide for you, my dear explorer and survivor!

How To Open The City Gate – Siege Survival: Gloria Victis

Opening the infamous City Gate will require players to go around it first. However, the location of the key is nearby.

In any case, this is how to open the City Gate in Siege Survival Gloria Victis:

  1. Now, I have good news and bad news. Good news is that the key is very close to the gate. Bad news is that you’ll have to go around the gate first. Here is the exact way you can get the Massive Key that you need for this door.

  2. Once you get the key using our previous Massive Key guide, you can instantly run to the gate from the other side. You can see it’s location in the picture above and how it looks in the picture below. Click the “!” to start an event.

  3. The game will present you with the chance to open the gate if you have the key. Just choose the “Open the door [Requires a key]” option to advance.

  4. Now just click the “Leave” choice to see the gate wide open.

And congratulations! You have opened an incredible shortcut that will help you a lot in the long term. I suggest you do this as soon as possible since it will make a clear way for all the fast travel points.

I hope this got you the results you expected. Just make sure to avoid the patrols and be sure to survive this siege!

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