The Quarry: Above The Law Trophy / Achievement Guide

How to unlock the Above The Law Trophy?

The Quarry is a story-driven game where you will take on a role from all the 9 playable characters and write the story all by yourself. There are tons of guides and achievements that can be unlocked as well. In this guide, we will take a look at Above the Law trophy and how to achieve it. Let’s get started.

Above The Law Trophy / Achievement Guide – The Quarry

You will be able to unlock and finish this Trophy while being in the Chapter 7. Here when Laura will start playing sick on the floor you will have to choose the option of not shooting Travis. You will have to complete all the QTES successfully to do this.

At the end when he will start talking to you, choose the Apologetic option. Make sure to catch the keys when they are being thrown at you.

Now you will be in Chapter 9. Here Ryan will be laying on the ground and Laura will suggest going ahead and biting him. You will need to do this to unlock this trophy. So simply pick the Accept option and bite him.

A little later on in the same chapter, Chapter 9, you will get to the point where Ryan and Laura will crash and fall down through the floor with Chris(Monster form). There will be a section where you will be playing as Ryan and pointing a shotgun at him. Shoot him at this moment.

Then when switching from Laura’s monster form- into a human form, you will have conservation. In this conservation choose the Apologetic option and you’ll unlock the Trophy.

Congratulations! You have successfully finished the Above The Law trophy now. I hope this guide was of some help.

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