The Quarry: How To Change Outfits

Can you actually change their outfits right now?!

The Quarry is a brilliant story-driven horror game that is basically written and created by you and your decision-making skills. A big element of the game is, of course, the visual aspect of it so here we will talk about the outfits of the characters and whether you can change them or not?

How To Change Outfits – The Quarry

If you have pre-ordered The Quarry you might be asking yourself the question of how do you actually use those outfits that you have been promised? For example, the very 80’s outfits that everyone looked forward to.

Well changing the outfits for The Quarry unfortunately will not be an option right now. They will be included in the game only after July 8 if you have already preordered the game. If you haven’t you will have to pay for it like a regular DLC.

We wave seen a bunch of players from The Quarry talking about this very same issue, and here you can see a YouTuber- TheBoyDave that was very involved with this question and talking about it.

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