The Quarry: Bizzare Yet Bonafide Trophy Guide

How to unlock the Bizzare Yet Bonafide Trophy?

The Quarry is a fantastic horror story-driven game that will blow your mind with how amazing it can be! It has tons of small details and trophies that you can discover and unlock while playing through the story. In this guide, we will talk about the Bizzare Yet Bonafide Trophy. Let’s get started.

Bizzare Yet Bonafide Trophy Guide – The Quarry

This Trophy can be obtained and finished in the Chapter 7. First of all, you will have to go out of the Cell while playing as Laura. Then head on upstairs and enter the first door that you’ll see that’s gonna be on your left. Here you will easily spot the Red Card on the wall.

The next step is exiting this very room that you just entered. Proceed to make your way to the very last door that is on the 2nd floor here. While inside this room, look for the calendar and interact with it. It should be located on your right when you go through the door.

Exit the room again through the same door you entered it. Go back downstairs and enter the door where the very small stairs are located. It will be all the way to the left corner when you get on the first floor.

When you climb the little stairs, enter the door on your left. Inside here you will see a computer. Access this computer and you will enter all the information you learned from before. There will be a short cutscene with a couple of phone calls, but after this, you’ll get the trophy.

That should be it! Congratulations, you have successfully unlocked this trophy!

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