The Quarry: How To Save Kaitlyn

Let’s save Kaitlyn!

The Quarry is a beautiful story game that will test your decision skills in a very brutal horror environment. Every decision you take might lead to the death of the 9 playable characters in the story. Let’s see how to save Kaytling this time. Let’s get started.

How To Save Kaitlyn – The Quarry

When she enters the Radio Tower with Nick and Abi for the first time, they can be spared from the Werewolf if they hide inside the cabin. It’s fine if you previously opened the cabin when playing as Emma and Abi. They can still go inside the cabin even if you didn’t do it. However, if you want to safeguard Kaitlyn, you should open the cabin early.

Dylan and Kaitlyn visit the Scrapyard in search of an automobile; you will be playing as Dylan there. Though Kaitlyn is not in as much danger as Dylan, you may save her by putting her in a car and driving her away.

The final and first big threat that Kaitlyn faces is revealed in the final chapter of her, Abi’s, Dylan’s, and Emma’s narrative. This occurs soon after Dylan and Kaitlyn return from the Scrapyard. The Werewolf they fled at the Scrapyard strikes again when they are in the lodge and Emma and Abi are either in Chris Hackett’s Office or the lodge’s basement.

When given the option to hide in the kitchen as Kaitlyn, take it. Kaitlyn and Dylan will seek refuge in the kitchen, where the Werewolf will pursue them. Allow Kaitlyn to find a chance to sneak to the rear of the kitchen and retrieve the plush rabbit from Abigail’s bag while it hunts for them. Put it in the freezer and lock the Werewolf inside as soon as it gets there.

Congratulations! You have now kept one of the bravest members of them all alive and well!

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